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  1. Nope, not buying the foie gras story. While the whole process described sounds better than what I’ve heard earlier, the fact remains that they are making the ducks ILL. An enlarged liver on this scale is not normal (as he says himself).

    And the fact that other “barnyard animals” are also overfed is of course a logical fallacy in the first degree. Of course they are overfed. That doesn’t provide an excuse to do it to another species as well.

    That being said (and letting my blood pressure drop again), I’m here for the first time and am very interested in your blog. I’ll put you on the RSS and am looking forward to getting acquainted.


    • Meg

      Hi Catrien–funny you should find me today, just when I’m moving my food writing over to my other blog, as the topics are increasingly comprehensive. This site will remain live, however, and also accessible through The Minimalist Woman, so the posts and resources will remain available.

      I do agree about the foie gras–but I wanted to post something which looked at it in depth so that when we disagree we do so based on facts and not hearsay. It enables us to argue a point more convincingly, as well.

      Thank you for finding me and I think you just purchased a cookbook, too! I am currently writing a non-cooking ebook, but have another cookbook in the works as well.

  2. jan

    meg, just bought the new cook book last night. stayed up reading it until the wee smalls.
    can’t wait to start trying out the recipes. love that you have included necessary equipment as it is never fun to find you need something that you don’t happen to have on hand. i have
    really appreciated both of your cook books and your having it all ebook as well. keep them rolling out C: i appreciate all that you write and your insight in all things.