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  1. yuuuuummy! And smells so good cooking! Just throwing in a second batch of the morning because the guys grabbed all of the last one as they ran screaming out the door (late again)! TI can see this one becoming a family favorite!! Now I’m going to try your cornbread muffins, since the oven’s on – perfect way to spend a -40 day…if you can’t spend it south of the border with sand/sun/margarita, that is! (sorry-too much espresso=exclamation mark abuse)

    • Meg

      Haha, hi Carrie! Just last week I made two BIG (9 x 13) pans of it because I had bananas going overripe on me. It keeps so well that it served as breakfast for me and my husband for over a week. I’ve done variations with canned crushed pineapple, too, and it works really well, and also with some chopped unpeeled apples. Do vary your spices to taste, have fun with it. You’ll know from practice how “wet” the batter needs to be to get the finished texture you and your family like best.

  2. Carol

    Just made my second batch & substituted 1/4 chopped almonds for the raisins to up the protein & cut sugar content. Even natural sugar from fruit is too much for some of us who deal with candida! Having mine with some ground flax seed & raw plain yogurt on top – yummmmy!

  3. Ruth Lindeman

    Any suggestions for substituting steel cut oats?

  4. Gauri

    Any replacement for eggs

  5. Crystal

    These sound good but was wondering if they turn out soft to eat. I am looking for breakfast options for my 14 month old son.


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