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  1. Meg, your blog is beautiful. Congratulations!! These cornbread muffins look yummy.

    I’ll be making sugarless cornbread in a heavy iron skillet later on today, then when it cools it will be crumbled and made into Southern cornbread dressing.

    • Meg

      Happy Thanksgiving, Martha! I’ve made cornbread stuffing before and you’re right, you don’t want a sweet one for that purpose. My love for it is definitely in the minority here “up North,” which is too bad. I made the ones in the picture just this morning, and they’re in a refrigerator box right now, ready for me to snack on the rest of the week ;D

  2. I just made your recipe this afternoon, Meg. Actually a slight variation – I had no cornmeal, but I had masa (corn flour for making tortillas), so I substituted equal volume. The result was a lighter, finer texture and less-sweet flavor, but tasty just the same. Thanks! Definitely a keeper, and I’ll have to pick up some real cornmeal to try it again properly 🙂

    • Meg

      Hi Mike–I’ve never used masa before, and bet it made more cake-like muffins. By the way, that batch of muffins in the picture lasted me all week (Steve is not a fan of anything with corn in it), stored in the fridge and zapped in the microwave for 15-20 seconds. They softened up beautifully, didn’t go stale at all, so I’m extra pleased with it 🙂

  3. hi Meg, what a gorgeous website-both to look at and to read! I love your tagline – getting rid of processed food and junk is a pet project for me this year, so I love the help you share. I made these muffins last night, and i swear I could have gotten my husband to do anything as a result! He even said they were better than his mother’s!! When I get over the headache (as a result of dropping to the floor in shock at that statement!!), I’m going to make another batch tonight! High five!

    • Meg

      Hey, Carrie, anything that gets husbands to bend to our will is a good thing, IMO! Glad it works. Some people prefer unsweetened cornbread, and I’ve left the sugar out altogether to good effect, too! Hope your head’s okay ;D