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  1. Randall

    I have been making pies without crusts as you describe above. I do this with pecan pie as well. I never really ate the crust so why bother? Love this series of posts by the way.

    • Meg

      Thanks, Randall! I love pie fillings on their own and topped with whipped cream or ice cream and maybe a little cookie on the side for crunch 🙂

  2. Kathy

    I’ve been using a very similar pie crust recipe–a slightly modified shortbread crust recipe from Martha Stewart. I’d always bombed my traditional pie crusts to that point and with the shortbread/press in crust, it’s like you’re getting a cookie and pie in one mouthful. Sometime I’ll grind up about 1/3 cup of nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc) and mix that in with the shortbread before I press it into the pan for extra pizazz.

    If I have absolute craving for traditional crust, I’ve finally given in to the use of a food processor to mix it. No more tough crust for me. And if whips together quickly.

    • Meg

      I used to make the pie crusts with a hand held “pastry cutter” or “dough blender.” That was fine until my hands decided they were too creaky for the work. So I gave the food processor a go, and it was so effective, I never looked back! I use it all the time myself, but I do like to provide alternatives for those who don’t own food processors or want to avoid getting them out and cleaning them afterwards. Thanks for reading, Kathy 🙂