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  1. Marie

    I’m in Canada and our Thanksgiving (in October) is not as elaborate as in the US… That said, Christmas is the BIG family get-together with fancy dishes, etc. Very much like Thanksgiving for Americans.

    This is absolutely great! I’d love to simplify our traditional dinner as my husband and I are always entretaining (we only have our elderly mothers in town). The best part is that your posts will be ahead enough to let me try your recipes and approach before the day. :o)

    It’s a specially good timing for me as our basement renovation will only be completed in a couple of weeks (unless we have more delays)… My house is a total mess right now (I’m a minimalist wannabe LOL)! With the basement content on the main floor and plaster dust everywhere, I’ll have much to do to get this house ready for the Holidays!

    Thank you, thank you!

    • Meg

      You’re quite welcome, Marie 🙂 Remember to step back from unreasonable expectations that others may place on you or that you may be tempted to place upon yourself, and you’ll be just fine. Best of luck and watch for the recipe posts!

  2. What a Magnificent Feast!

    …’nuff said 😀

    • Meg

      Thanks, Daphne. The really cool part was when Steve took the leftover green bean casserole and some turkey and concocted a one-dish meal a couple days later–it was so good, that I hope he makes it again with leftovers from the “real” Thanksgiving dinner next week!

  3. Gorgeous! You’ve the makings of an AWESOME Thanksgiving Feast Without the Fuss E-Book! I know I’d buy it. (And then give it to my other family members so THEY can do the meal next time. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the timeline. I’m hosting not one but two Thanksgiving dinners this year. To complicate things I had foot surgery. I’m having family members bring a dish and ask my mom cook some meals as well. I can’t wait til this is over! Thanks for the great post!

    • Meg

      I was prepared to do my Thanksgiving dinner all over again for real next week, when my mom unexpectedly decided she wanted to do it again. So I’ll just help her where she needs it. Best of luck with your dinners, and remember to own the process–in your case assign specific dishes to different cooks, and allow yourself the space you need to stay serene and be able to enjoy your share of the cooking 🙂

  5. Marie

    I did not think you could cook a turkey without thawing it… Did a test with a chicken yesterday, and it’s GREAT!

    I hope you have recuperated from the flu and will continue to share your “Simple Feast” tips and recipes.;)

    Thank you!

    • Meg

      Hi Marie–it’s not me that had the flu, but my poor mom. She’s got a fresh turkey lined up, though, so that will cut down on the time factor for her, plus we’ll help with some of the sides.

      You can roast almost anything from the frozen state–did it with a boneless pork roast and it was great! Just takes a little longer, but it sure beats wasting all that water on thawing out meat in the sink.


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