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  1. These sound great! I love that they’re baked, but are still different and interesting. I will definitely be making these for my Tex Mex Christmas party (it’s become a tradition since we moved from Texas to NYC).

    • Meg

      So glad they appeal, Cara! My house still smelled like cinnamon several days later, which I think is marvelous 🙂 Have a great party!

  2. Meg,

    I have the perfect salsa/topping for these.

    Chop up 1 Red Delicious Apple, 10 Strawberries and 1 Kiwi. Mix all together chopped and then serve with these amazing crisps. Sooooo good!

    • Meg

      Hi Courtney! That sounds like the perfect salsa for sweet chips, and I am definitely giving it a go when I make these again. Thanks for posting it and “chipping” in, as it were ;D

  3. Well, I was one of the happy recipients of Meg’s crisps…I’m trying to stay away from white flour but they were hard to resist! Perfectly crispy and light, an excellent idea. So easy and so affordable. I bet the whole wheat tortillas won’t bake that way…they’re usually so thick. And I don’t think you can bake corn tortillas–didn’t work for me.

    So nice to meet you and Steve, Meg. BTW, I was looking at your help yourself photo. It’s very possible that we inherited one of your lamps from our neighbor!

    • Meg

      Hi Sandra–great to meet you guys, too and glad that you enjoyed the crisps. That cracks me up about the lamp–you’re talking about one of the reading lamps, right?

  4. Wow, those look yummy! I used to love the very unhealthy version that Taco Bell used to sell but those look great and guilt free as a bonus! Thanks so much for sharing the idea.