6 Responses to “Buy Local Food–Support Your Farmer’s Market”


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  1. Daphne DeLaurier

    Your writing and Steve’s(?) photographs are a feast in and of themselves ?

    • Meg

      Steve’s photography actually inspires a lot of my writing, so we make a pretty good team! When I drove by the market last week I saw the brilliant colors and when we got lucky with a sunny market day this week, I told him to grab his camera, he’s got a mission ;D

      • Daphne DeLaurier

        I have to stop typing in the dark – my last 2 comments to you have had typos 🙁
        There’s no “?” about my enthusiasm for the work of you and your husband!

        Enjoy the day. It’s ? raining here.

        • Daphne DeLaurier

          Ah HA! They are not typos! Your system doesn’t recognize my Mac Icons. Won’t insert them any more.

  2. I absolutely love farmer’s markets! One thing I love about living in Brooklyn is that we have a big farmer’s market right on my way to subway. So twice a week I get to walk through it (and usually come away with a bag of produce!). Not only is the food absolutely wonderful, but it generally has a better carbon footprint and you can get to know the farmers too. There’s something just fantastic about knowing where your food came from. I think we have largely lost that in modern society.

    • Meg

      Brooklyn! Lucky! In a big city the markets are all year ’round, but out here in the sticks they’ve got about three more weeks, four if they’re really lucky. I always miss it when it closes for the year.