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  1. Daphne DeLaurier

    Dear Meg,
    Though not looking for instruction (on how to separate an egg!), I found your video thought provoking for the following reason. I’d watched it first without sound (out of consideration for my husband at 4:00 in the morning). It was clear, well captioned, and I imagined I was likely missing out on numerous kitchen sorts of sounds or your voice in the background.
    When I finally had the opportunity to view it again, with sound, I was instantly struck by the “deep silence” I experienced, regardless of the beautiful instrumental accompaniement in the background. Because that is all that it was – “background”. First and foremost were the concentration and intent of your posture and hand movements. Wonderfully choreographed. This video is a piece of art.

    Best wishes,

    • Meg

      Wow, that’s a big compliment! When I first started doing videos I would talk about what I’m doing, but I’m deaf and if I am not on tip-top form it’s a slog and it shows. Better to just use captions let my husband find the music for me. Sometimes I think I look like that old t.v. show where the disembodied white-gloved hands would do crazy things against a dark background 🙂

      • Daphne DeLaurier

        I vaguely remember those “white-gloved hands”… They have nothing on your grace.

        Enjoy the day.