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  1. What a beautiful word picture. You are such an artist in every way, Meg! Since I’m a little bit older than you, these pictures are of my young married adulthood, playing house and having couples over to laugh and gossip and cook out. There was always watermelon and hand crank ice cream.

    I think maybe we are all beginning to get out and re-discover these connections. At least I hope so.

  2. Meg

    Hi Martha! It would be nice if that happened. I think. Those large gatherings are best organized by younger people, although I wouldn’t turn down an invitation to one ;D. Cutting into our first watermelon of the season brought back memories, and in them I found the origins of what I think is magical about sharing good simple food. That doesn’t change no matter the number of people or their ages.

  3. Amy

    How is it that Nick ended up hating watermelon? I could almost eat a whole one myself but I probably shouldn’t so I don’t buy them often 🙂

  4. Meg

    I seem to remember Nick happily eating watermelon as a small child, so I have no idea when that changed! He certainly likes most fruit & veggies. Thanks for posting, Amy 🙂

  5. Amy

    I managed to get him to eat some watermelon last night… and he liked it. I think he just had a bad one that put him off of them for a long time.