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  1. I’ve no idea why I have so much stuff in my kitchen. Unfortunately I’m not a minimalist housekeeper, even though I’m a minimalist cook by nature.

    I don’t like complex recipes – I’d rather invent something new than have to go back and forth to a cookery book. I don’t like to use a large number of ingredients. I don’t care about celebrity cooks or current trends.

    Anyway, love the topic of your blog. I’m going to be writing an article on tomato recipes for gardeners within the next few days, which I will post during July, and I was wondering if you could post a favorite tomato recipe here for me to link to. Do drop me an e-mail and let me know please.

    Regards, Alison Kerr

  2. Meg

    Hi Alison! I will have a look through my tomatoey recipes and make a point of posting one soon. There’s so much I am working on for this blog, including some tiny videos, and love the prospect of doing something interesting on the good old tomato.

    Right at this very moment I don’t really HAVE a kitchen–we tore into it yesterday and the cabinets are in shambles and there’s no stove and everything cooking-related I own is spread over tables and chairs and in boxes in the dining room and the garage. It shouldn’t take long to finish up and set it to rights, though. 🙂

    PS–thanks so much for the heads-up re no contact method–it’s amazing how something so obvious gets overlooked in setting up a new blog. Will be correcting this and acting on Mary’s suggestions a.s.a.p.

  3. Karin Kirulis

    Hi Meg,
    It may be that you have a lot of kitchen stuff that you need to pare down, but I must say at least the stuff is organized and aesthetically pleasing! Am looking forward to seeing the results of this project and maybe learning some of your secrets to achieving simplicity.


  4. Dee

    I do not consider myself a minimalist, but more of a “keep it simple” attitude. I recently purged my kitchen (and most of the house). I actually enjoy trying to do things with what I have on hand. One of the things I discovered was with my family grown and moved out, you actually need very little in the kitchen (just me and hubby). I actually have a bit more energy to keep the kitchen in working order. I amazed me how moving the pots & pans that I use every day to the top shelf under the cooktop, makes things seem so effortless to cook. I used to keep all the pots on one shelf and all the fry pans on the next. One of the best things I did was purchase a nice glass hutch to put Mom’s China in so I can enjoy looking at it every day instead of hiding it in a couple of kitchen cabinets waiting for a Holiday to enjoy it. I feel so much more in controll now. Then there’s my refrigerator……

    • Meg

      Oh, yes, the refrigerator ;D

      When we moved here the fridge that came with the house was ca 1965 and quickly gave up the ghost. We replaced it with a bottom-freezer model, and I have to say it makes keeping track of leftovers and produce much easier, as everything is pretty close to eye level. No more having to get down on the floor to find my food. The freezer is a pullout and much more practical than any other type fridge/freezer I’ve used.


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