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  1. Hi Meg,
    I am with you on this one. I always used to think bigger is better but not any more. Bigger just means buying more un-necessary gadgets and utensils to fit into all that space. It is surprising how little you need if you keep it simple.I have two half empty cupboards in my kitchen now after 6 months of decluttering and I am expecting those to be fully empty by the time I am done. And surprise surprise I am starting to enjoy cooking again after years of it just being a chore.

  2. Meg

    One of my upcoming projects will be creating as ideal of a minimalist kitchen out of my existing kitchen as I can, spending no money if at all possible. I have a really nice 30″ ceramic-top range from my cookery, and a modest 30″ vent hood, and would like to put them in my home kitchen. It might mean losing a set of base and overhead cabinets, but the prospect doesn’t bother me that much if there isn’t an excess of stuff to store.

    Thanks so much for your comments and helping me to get this blog rolling! 😀

  3. Amanda

    This interested me as I live on a boat and have very small space, no fridge, and everything has to serve its purpose. Any fresh meat or fish I eat the day the buy it or cook and eat the next day if I think I can keep it reasonably cool. Otherwise it’s cheese or eggs, or tinned. I eat mainly fresh vegetables and home-cook as much as I can.
    Looking forward to exploring the rest of the site 🙂