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  1. Beth

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your website and this recipe! I’ve been really dreading dinnertime lately. I don’t really know how to cook by myself, without following a recipe, and I tend to get overly stressed while trying to follow the instructions exactly. That’s why the commentary at the end of the recipe was my favorite part. Because I didn’t read the amounts of the ingredients I needed before starting to cook, I ended up having to make the recipe using two different cheeses that I had on hand, plus a mixture of heavy cream, half and half, and milk. I wouldn’t have known I could get away with that before, and I would have given up on the recipe and been extremely frustrated with myself. My kiddos loved the mac and cheese, and I’m already thinking about variations for next time! There’s hope for me yet.

    • Meg

      That’s great, Beth!!! Cooking should be intuitive, improvisational, and not do-or-die laboratory formula ;D I bet you’ll find it fun, too.